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Residential Services

Reliability and Security Shouldn't Stop When You Get Home

In today's world the ability for your family to communicate, learn and be secure should be without hindrance.

Are you constantly fighting slow internet speeds, spotty WiFi and/or privacy and children internet content concerns?

TXTechnology Group can make your home just as secure and productive as your enterprise workspace. Getting enterprise grade networks, WiFi and video surveillance at home isn't as expensive as it once was - as a matter of fact we can show you how to do it for the same price ans buying that useless off the shelf hardware.

Protecting your data doesn't stop at work - remember that computer you bring home and work on is only as secure as the network it's on. Don't trust your company data and families personal data to cheap, no security Internet Service Providers hardware.

Imagine videos never skipping, blazing fast WiFi everywhere inside and outside of your house, closing your garage and locking the front door and the ability to check in on your property, family and pets from anywhere.

Let us give you a free diagnosis and action plan so your family is fully connected!

TXTechnology Turns Your Home Into Your Neighbors Envy

  • Wired Networking

  • Wireless Networking

  • Video Surveillance

  • Audio | Visual Systems

  • Home Automation

  • Remote Home Management

  • Secure Office Access

  • Remote Property Internet Connectivity

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