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Video Surveillance

Protect Your Assets, Employees And Valuable Investment - Your Worked Hard To Get Here

Protect what you have worked so hard to build. Don't let your most valuable assets go unmonitored - secure your future.

TXTechnology Groups can survey your property, point out weak spots and recommend video surveillance solutions that will keep your property, assets and employees safe and held accountable.

TXTechnology group has consultants with many years of law enforcement experience that allows them to relate their experience to your requirements - thinking one step ahead of anyone looking to harm your business and reputation.

Video Surveillance is much more than just throwing cameras on shelves, its designing and capturing the critical areas of your business to prevent theft, damages, injury and minimize liability and exposure.

Information Technology is more than computers, let us show you how we can protect your valuable investments.

TXTechnology Know Surveillance

  • Monitoring - 24/7/365 Monitoring and troubleshooting of system to make sure your assets are protected.

  • Experience  - Bringing years of law enforcement and video experience for the best assessment of your  needs.

  • Reliability - Video Surveillance equipment that meets IP67 weather ratings to make sure you have coverage in the worst conditions.

  • Mobility - Capability to watch live streams and recordings from any device.

  • Support - Quarterly assessments and audits to check for gaps or suspicious activity in your environment.

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