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Cloud Backup | Disaster Recovery

Protect Your Data And Prepare For The Worst - You May Never Need It But Be Ready When You Do

Imagine being able to restore 100% of your business data and applications in minutes after a disaster.

TXTechnology Groups live backup solutions can keep 100% of your environment backed up and ready for restore at any time. Fires, natural disasters and acts of terrorism can cripple your business for endless periods of time. 

With our highly scalable, affordable and high performance backup systems your employees can be back up and running in minutes. You say go and we can flip the switch to restore your environment in the cloud so your employees can continue working from anywhere.

Contact us today for a consultation and survey of your environment and we can solve your backup problems.

TXTechnology Keeps Your Data Safe

  • Monitoring - 24/7/365 Monitoring to make absolute sure your data is actually being backed up.

  • Automated Reports  - Peace of mind knowing your data is backed up according to your backup and retention schedules.

  • Managed Service - Fully managed backup service so you don't have to worry about failed backups and lost data.

  • Compliance - Report and maintain on all compliance protocols required for your business.

  • Reduce Liability - Protect your client and/or patients confidential data. It's not always if - it's when - do everything you can to mitigate and prove good stewardship.

  • Highly Customizable - Granular backup and restoration so you can backup and restore exactly what you want - down to the exact file.

  • No On Premise Equipment - No on premise hardware necessary!

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