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Microsoft 365 | Office 365 & Migrations

Full Productivity, Collaboration, Email And Much More - Keep Your Cost Predictable And Productivity Up

Eliminate on premise and costly server infrastructure while boosting productivity and collaboration capabilities.

Don't throw money away year after year by replacing servers, maintaining expensive backup systems and dealing with unexpected cost of on-premise servers and infrastructure.

TXTechnology Group offers many Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft 365 solutions that gives you flat per user cost - monthly or yearly. Imagine providing your users every productivity and collaboration tool they need without any on-premise cost, knowing exactly how much each user is going to cost you - total predictability.

Our Microsoft & Office 365 Services include Microsoft Exchange Online email hosting. Exchange Online provides you with enterprise class email on any device, anywhere - the same email platform used by the largest companies in the world - at your affordable pricing. Exchange Online is 100% cloud based, backed up automatically, secure, built in anti-virus/anti-malware and promises 99.9% up time.

Our solution also provides each user with a Microsoft OneDrive account that we can redirect every users key folders (i.e. Desktop and Documents) folders to. Users can access their files from any device, anywhere. This will sync users local files to the cloud eliminating the risk of loss due to device failure, damage or theft - laptop stolen? Grab a new one and login - done!

Are you ready to eliminate one of the largest expenses of your IT organization? Contact us today for a free consultation and quote on a seamless transition to 365!

Our Microsoft 365 | Office 365 Solution Provides:

  • Reliability - Exchange email and collaboration tools with 99.9% up time guarantee to ensure your business stays in touch.

  • Productivity Applications - Online Versions and local install versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams and other Microsoft Applications.

  • OneDrive - Unlimited OneDrive storage per user. Keep all end user files synced to OneDrive for backup and access from any device, anywhere.

  • Microsoft Teams - All Microsoft and Skype systems are migrating to Microsoft Teams. Provides users full Instant Messaging, Collaboration, Conferencing and VoIP Domestic & International Calling - even replace your phone systems for calling on any device to/from end users phone number/extension.

  • Security - All data is hosted on Microsoft's owned data centers and servers in the USA. Maximum security and monitoring.

  • Scalability - Add or remove users at any time - provision in minutes.

  • SharePoint - Create company SharePoint sites for collaboration and Intranet communication.

  • Mobility - Access, work and share data on any device from anywhere. Apps for PC, Mac, iOS and/or Android.

  • Support - 24/7/365 Support and MUCH MORE

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