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On Demand IT Solutions

You don't need a contract to get great IT help, on demand means we are here when you need us.

Don't let IT problems keep your business down. Solutions are a simple ticket away - call us for resolution.

When IT problems go unsolved or "workarounds" are in place because nobody has gotten to fix them yet its costing your business productivity - and lots of money!

TXTechnology Group has decades of experience solving problems that others couldn't - or simply didn't realize were a problem. Let us give you a free consultation and see how we can provide you with affordable on demand rates to solve problems as they arise or to solve that problem others have said are "just the way it is."

Productivity loss cost you money, every time a user spends a few extra minutes working around an issue, waiting for something to reboot or simply waiting for a report to load - your losing money. Those minutes add up to hours, which adds up to days multiplied by the number of employees you have, which all equals hundreds of man hours wasted every year!

Rely On TXTechnology Groups Expertise:

  • 24/7/365 - Know we will be there when you need us most, remotely or on-site.

  • Proactive - Not only solving your immediate problem but also documenting and recommending other cost savings.

  • Reliable - We won't leave you high and dry, if you have the need, we will be there.

  • Responsive - Rather it's a quick fix over the phone or on-site help is needed, count on us to be there.

  • Dependable - We don't collect your check and then disappear, rest easy knowing we will be there 100% of the time.

  • No Commitment - Affordable rate structures and SLA's to save you time and money.

On Demand IT Solutions

Large or small, simple or complex - we can troubleshoot and solve any IT challenge. TXTechnology Group will fully document and implement a solution that saves your business time and money. We communicate the problem and give you an honest, up front estimate.

End User Help Desk & Support

  • Desktop & Laptop Troubleshooting

  • Microsoft Windows & Office Solutions

  • Client Software Solutions

  • Procurement | Deployment

  • New User Setup | On Boarding

  • Mobile Device Solutions

  • On Demand Help Desk Services

  • Electronic Ticketing System

  • Break / Fix Troubleshooting

Server Infrastructure

  • Server Help Desk & Support

  • Microsoft Exchange | SQL Support

  • Server Troubleshooting

  • Server Problem Resolution

  • Electronic Ticketing System

  • Server Updates & Health Checks

  • VMWare | Hyper-V | Citrix Support

  • Procurement | Deployment

  • Performance Troubleshooting

Network & Infrastructure Support

  • Infrastructure Cabling & Installation

  • Network Design & Deployment

  • Firewall | VPN | Site Connectivity

  • Switch Configuration & Troubleshooting

  • Adds | Moves | Changes

  • Router Configuration & Troubleshooting

  • Electronic Ticketing System

  • Break / Fix Troubleshooting

  • Procurement | Deployment

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