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IT Security & Compliance

Keep Your Network And Data Secure - For You, Your Employees, Clients and Patients.

Your business customers information is too valuable to be trusted to provided routers and base security.

Those routers and gateways your Internet Service Provider are an unlocked door. Don't trust your companies, clients and/or patients confidential information to sit wide open for the world to see. 

Not only is it a bad business practice its also a HUGE liability to leave your network open and un-monitored. TXTechnology has decades of experience designing and implementing network security devices to protect your valuable data.

TXTechnology has been trusted by the nations top government contractors to keep their networks, server infrastructure and end user devices 100% FIPS and NIST compliant - passing several DoD / DSS audits.

Great security is cheaper than you think - TXTechnology can implement great network security for cheaper than you can buy a off the shelf home grade routers and switches at your local big box store.

TXTechnology Keeps Your Data Safe

  • Monitoring - 24/7/365 Monitoring and alerts to let you know why, when and how to protect your data.

  • Highest Security Protocols - NIST / FIPS US Government standard experience to implement and maintain the highest security protocols.

  • Security Clearances - Consultants with US Government issued clearances allows us to work on any of your systems without hindrance and with the highest integrity.

  • Compliance - Report and maintain on all compliance protocols required for your business.

  • Reduce Liability - Protect your client and/or patients confidential data. It's not always if - it's when - do everything you can to mitigate and prove good stewardship.

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