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Network Design & Solutions

Troubleshooting Existing To Ground Up Design And Implementation - We Have Your Network Covered

Don't settle for old, slow and networks with delays failures and spotty WiFi connectivity.

TXTechnology Group can design, procure, implement and maintain a network that will take your business security and productivity to the next level. Don't let poor network performance slow down your productivity costing you money.

We will evaluate and recommend solutions to maximize your investment and make sure you are getting your money's worth for every dollar you spend on your valuable infrastructure.

Even if it's as simple as properly configuring your existing equipment all the way to grass roots network projects for multi-store skyscrapers we guarantee you will have the best performing network and WiFi connectivity your budget allows.

TXTechnology Implements Solid Network Foundations

  • Monitoring - 24/7/365 Monitoring to make sure you are getting top performance from your investment.

  • Automated Reports  - Know when any device on your network is having issues and the resolution taken to correct.

  • Managed Service - Fully managed networks to ensure you have the latest firmware updates and security protocols in place.

  • Compliance - Report and maintain on all compliance protocols required for your business.

  • WiFi - Today's data hungry devices will have the best performing WiFi and coverage so you always stay connected.

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